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Organizations’ approach to handling their tax obligations differ. At Leo Berwick we are dedicated to helping you optimize the use of your existing personnel, advisors, technology, and co-sourcing opportunities. Leo Berwick’s professionals have experience as the head of tax of large corporations as well as being managing partners at large global consulting firms. These collective experiences allow us to better understand your needs and help streamline the tax function within your organization.

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The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act is a United States law which requires Foreign Financial Institutions (FFIs) to comply with extensive reporting requirements and due diligence. The implementation of the FATCA laws has effects that are not restricted to United States residents only and pose unique challenges to those in the private equity and financial services industry. In short, FATCA is more than just a tax issue.   At Leo Berwick, we have the knowledge and skills to support your organization and navigate the complex requirements of FATCA. Our trusted team of advisors will be there to guide you every step of the way.

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Tax Provision

As US GAAP and IFRS continue to evolve and become more complex, accounting for income taxes of private and public organizations becomes more challenging. In addition, as tax laws continue to change, and companies become more global, organizations’ tax functions may have more resource constraints.  Leo Berwick’s team of professionals has experience working in the industry as well as public accounting and can tailor our services to best meet your objectives. This could include reviewing and commenting on your tax provision, or preparing pieces or your entire tax provision for you. 

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Tax compliance

For businesses of all sizes, accurate tax compliance is an important piece of their operations. Staying current on all tax developments at the local and national level can be burdensome for many organizations. Leo Berwick’s professionals can help you prepare your tax filings and manage your tax compliance needs. 

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Multistate Tax Services

Our consultants offer an integrated approach to state and local tax (SALT) compliance and consulting. Every company operating in multiple jurisdictions must navigate a complex set of income and non-income tax laws, and there are many situations that could lead to your company needing to file tax returns across multiple states. 

Leo Berwick’s skilled team can help your organization avoid penalties, maintain tax compliance, and determine the best way to optimize your state tax credits.

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Tax controversy 

Leo Berwick offers a comprehensive solution to handle all aspects of tax controversy.  With experienced team members that have worked for the IRS, as well as large consulting and law firms, our team is prepared to guide you through every step of all tax controversy matters