When one of the founders wives was pregnant with their first son, she wanted to name him Leo.  He wanted to name him Berwick after his favorite golf course, North Berwick Golf Links. They both vetoed each other’s suggestions and ended up naming him Buzzy (true story) and as a compromise the names Leo and Berwick were combined to create, Leo Berwick.

Bear-ick. The “w” is silent.

Leo Berwick does not publicly share its client list, but we have worked on transactions that were literally as small as one thousand dollars, to transactions that were in excess of $1 billion. Our client base includes but is not limited to sole proprietors, private equity funds, infrastructure funds, real estate funds, and strategic buyers.

Our hourly rates range from $125 to $575 per hour depending on the advisor assisting on the transaction.

We offer flexible fee arrangements including but not limited to: contingent fees, taking equity in the deal in lieu of cash, and dead deal discounts.