Leo Berwick was founded in 2019 to address multiple needs that exist in the M&A advisory and tax landscape.

Full-Service M&A Tax Advisory

We understand that there is a need to receive efficient and comprehensive M&A tax services from an experienced team of advisors that were previously senior partners/leaders at global law and accounting firms. Leo Berwick was formed to address this need and to focus on finding ways to utilize our tax advisory services to add value to transactions, help our clients mitigate risk, and identify opportunities.

Our Services

See M&A Tax Services for ways Leo Berwick can assist you on your next acquisition or the sale of your business.

Integrated Part of Your Deal Team

At Leo Berwick, we understand that it is often a requirement at select financial institutions to have a global law or accounting firm sign off on the tax aspects of certain M&A transactions.  While Leo Berwick can provide a full suite of services and lead these larger projects, we can also work collaboratively with organizations by offering the following services:


Preliminary Advisory

Identifying key value drivers of a transaction early on can often add tremendous value to your initial assessment of the business. Including these terms in your initial letter of intent can avoid costly “trades” to obtain these benefits later in the transaction process. Leo Berwick works closely with your deal team to help you identify and obtain these benefits.

Earnings And Profit Charts

Quote Analysis

Before a team of advisors is assembled, Leo Berwick can work with you to ensure that the appropriate tax information is uploaded into the data room and key issues that could impact the scope of the engagement are identified early and conveyed to the global law and accounting firms before they provide their respective quotes. Leo Berwick can also review the quotes to ensure that they are reasonable, the scope is appropriate, and even coordinate the tax aspects of the transaction to allow members of your deal team to focus on other areas of the deal.  

Leo Berwick

Efficient Modeling

The tax aspects of a financial model are often complex and vary from transaction to transaction. It is not uncommon to send your model to a large accounting firm, for them to comment on it, for you (or your investment banker) to update it, resend it, rinse and repeat. This process can take weeks, sometimes months. Leo Berwick will take your existing financial models and build the cash and exit tax calculations directly into your models avoiding these costly delays, often completing our work in days.  


Structure Decks

Structure decks are often completed by global law and accounting firms and can take significant time to build and update during a transaction. At Leo Berwick, we will build the structure decks and update them, freeing up the global law and accounting firms to comment on them and sign off on the steps presented.

Work Meeting

Extended Integration

Once a deal closes, it is not uncommon for the advisors on the transaction to fade away and work on the next deal. At Leo Berwick, we strive to become an integrated part of your organization and work with your team to ensure that the appropriate elections are filed per the terms of the purchase agreement, that exposures that were identified during diligence are remediated post-close, and even be a part-time/full-time tax resource for the company that was just acquired.    

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Flexible Fees

Oftentimes, larger firms tax fees cannot be contingent on the successful outcome of a deal. We offer flexible fee arrangements, including but not limited to contingent fees, taking equity in the deal in lieu of cash, and dead deal discounts.