Trusted Deal Advisory

Leo Berwick is a M&A consulting firm comprised of professionals who are leaders in their respective fields. Our experienced team of consultants offers streamlined solutions for complex issues facing today’s mergers and acquisitions and tax landscape.

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M&A Tax Training

Leo Berwick offers free M&A tax training for deal professionals. Whether you’re brand new to M&A or have ample experience in the field, our material will help you navigate the complexities of a deal.

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Why Us

We will be an integrated part of your deal team

Our experts can become a part of your deal team and advise on tax matters at every stage of a transaction. We can also collaborate with global law and accounting firms while working closely with your deal team, being there every step of the way, including post-close.

Expert advisors from around the world

We have expert advisors that are former senior partners at large law and consulting firms who are leaders in their fields. We provide personalized advice to help you achieve your objectives.

Leo Berwick is practical and efficient

We hate red tape and inefficiencies. We build the tax components of your financial models and perform other services bigger firms do not provide. We also do not have conflict issues that many larger firms have.

We partner with our clients

We offer flexible fee arrangements including but not limited to: contingent fees, taking equity in the deal in lieu of cash, and dead deal discounts.

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